Merlot DOC Venezia

Bright ruby with purple shades. Dry, savoury, rightly tannic and essentially harmonious.


Grape Variety

Merlot 100%

Cultivation System


Area of Origin

Friuli Venezia Giulia


2nd or 3rd week of September

Winemaking Process

In red, with soft pressing. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 23 °C in order to keep and enhance the original flavours

Food Pairings

Perfect with roasted white meat such as rabbit, poultry and braised meat


Serving temperature: 16-18 °C
Alcoholic content: 12,5 % vol
Total acidity: 4,8 gr/l
Sugar: 4 gr/l


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Did you know..?

Originally from Bordeaux region, where some of the most prestigious wines are born, Merlot adapted itself to very different climates thanks to its early ripening, giving us rich wines and a fruity softness. According to a Medoc document, its name comes from the blackbirds (Merlo, in italian) not only for its similar grape color, but also because the blackbirds used to eat it quite a lot. Already from ‘700 this vine became quite popular, but only 100 years later its presence was noticed in Italy and France. In 1875 it seems it belonged to the collection of the Aenology school in Conegliano. Later on in 1880 it had been brought to Friuli by the Duke of Brazzà, where it started its own brilliant journey to success.

Nowadays Toscana and Friuli Venezia Giulia are the regions where it finds the most favourable conditions.
In these territories the wine is very lively, fresh, structured and also balanced. Colour is bright ruby with purple shades. The taste is dry, savoury, rightly tannic and essentially harmonious. From its winemaking process the outcome is a variety of tastes like blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. Its parfume is the result of the above mentioned mix of aromas that allows it to express its own best in different conditions, gifting us with very elegant, classy and soft tones wines.